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South Pacific Program

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Characters & Actors

Nellie Forbush: Lindsay Terrizzi He  Emile DeBeque: Chris Cavin 
Ngana: Olivia Harper  Jerome: Hayden Williams
Lt. Joe Cable: Austin Jeffrey Smith  Luther Billis: Brian Best
Bloody Mary: Brooke Leigh Davis  Liat: Shelby Jones
Henry: Brandon Day  Professor: Matt Stapleton
Stewpot: Randell Bowers  Commander Harrison: Earl Landree
Captain Brackett: Craig Hartline  Buzz Adams: Drew Dunlop
 Corporal Johnson: AJ Harris  Radio Operator Bob McCaffrey: Trevor Golter
Lt. Genevieve Marshall: Kim Leslie Ensign Bessie Noonan: Tiffany Roberts Day
 Ensign Connie Walewska: Mara Bloomfield Smotherman  
Ensign Sue Yaeger: Stephanie Hale Williams  Ensign Cora McRae: Michaela Zip
Ensign Janet MacGregor: Elizabeth Sisler Ensign Dinah Murphy: Stella London


South Pacific - Act I

South Pacific Now Playing At The Larry Keeton TheatreOverture

Scene I: The Terrace of Emile de Becque's Plantation Home - "Dites Moi" - Ngana, Jerome; "A Cockeyed Optimist" - Nellie; "Twin Soliloquies" - Nellie, Emile; "Some Enchanted Evening" - Emile; "Reprise: Dites Mois" - Ngana, Jerome, Emile

Scene 2: Another Part of the Island - "Bloody Mary" - Men

Scene 3: The Edge of a Palm Grove Near the Beach - "There Is Nothin' Like a Dame" - Billis, Stewpot, Professor, Seabees, Mary; "Bali Hai" - Mary, Billis, Seabees, Cable

Scene 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: The Company Street, Island Commander's Office, The Beach - "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair" - Nellie, Nurses; "Reprise - Some Enchanted Evening" - Nellie, Emile; "I'm In Love With A Wonderful Guy" - Nellie, Nurses

Scene 9, 10: Island Commander's Office & Another Part Of The Island Reprise :Bali Hai" - Girls' "Younger Thans Spring Time" - Cable, French Girls

Scene 12, 13: Near Nali Hai Beach, Emile's Terrace - "Reprise: I'm In Love With A Wonderful Guy" - Nellie, Emile, "This Is How It Feels" - Nellie


Intermission - 15 minutes


South Pacific - Act II


Scene 1: A Performance of "The Thanksgiving Follies"

Scene 2: Backstage at "The Thanksgiving Follies"; "Happy Talk" - Mary; "Incidental" - Cable

Scene 3: The Performance Resumes; Honey Bun" - Nellie, Billis, Ensemble

Scene 4: Backstage "You've Got To Be Carefully Taught" - Cable; "This Nearly Was Mine" - Emile

Scene 5, 6, 7: Another Part of the Island & The Radio Schack

Scene 8: The Radio Shack - "Communication Discontinued" - Nellie, Brackett, Nurses

Scene 9, 10, 11: The Company Street and The Beach - "Incidental" - Men, Nurses

Scene 12: Emile's Terrace

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